Business & Industry Loans

B & I Loan Overview

Overview of B and I LoansU S D A Business & Industry Guaranteed Loans Program

A Quick Pre-Screen for USDA B & I Loan Prospects

  • Is it a viable commercial loan project?
  • Is the project located in a rural area?
  • Can SBA 7(A) guaranteed program handle the loan instead?
  • Is the business eligible for the B & I program?
  • Will jobs be created or made more secure?

Special Requirements:

  • Business is majority-owned by us citizens or permanent residents
  • No 20%+ owners are us government/military employees
  • Project does not involve relocation of more than 50 employees
  • If lender is refinancing their own debt, this purpose is less than half of the loan.

Adequate collateral test : (using current appraisal values).

Tangible balance sheet equity test :

  • (using depreciated cost basis values)
  • (10% minimum for existing businesses; 20% minimum for new businesses)

Practical considerations:

  • Environmental controversy (avoid floodplains & prime farmland)
  • Independent feasibility study (for start-ups, new locations, & businesses with recent losses)

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